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Day 1

161Large footed FinchTransfer in Night In Panama.

Day 2

164Costa Rican Pygmy Owl 3Early morning , we will go to visit the Metropolitan park , it is close to our Hotel . There we will look for Yellow green Tyrannulet endemic, Yellow crowned Tyrannulet, Crimson backed Tanager , Long billed Gnatwren. Blue Dacnis, Rufous naped Greenlet, Red throated Tanager and the cute Green Shike-vireo, Rosy thrush Tanager, Southern Benbill, rufous and White Wren , Red legged Honeycreeper, plus many more ..

Then We will drive for about 30 minutes from the town el dorado to the beach to check some shorebird. It included Marbled Godwit many, Spotted, Western Solitary sandpiper, Laughin Gulll, Neotropical Cormorant, Short billed Dotwicherts, tricolors heron .
After that we travel to the Canopy Tower

Day 3

169Flame colored tanagerToday, we have and easy start, we will enjoy our cup of coffee at the top of the Tower watching Red Lored and Mealy Amazon, nice Blue Cotinga, Green Honey creeper , Scarlet rumped Cacique, t Brown capped Tyrannulet, Cinnaman woodpecker, we will enjoy our breaskfast and then we will start waking down to the semaphore hill looking for White whiskered Puffbird, Cocoa Woodcreeper, Blue crowned and Golden Collared manakin, plus Golden hooded Tanager , Boat billed Flycatcher, Dot winged Antwren, Faciated and Wester Slaty Antshike, Spot crowned Antvireo, Scarlet rumped Cacique, Ruddy tailed Flycatcher and Gray Elaenia.

In the afternoon we will go the Ammon pounds , Rufecent tiger Heron, Greater Ani, Whooping Motmot, Yellow tailed Oriole, Black Whistling Duck, Scrub Greenlet, White throated Crake, American pygmy kingfisher and more .
Nigh in canopy Tower .

Day 4

CapybaraWe will be birding the famous Pipeline road ..
Here , we will research the Rufous evnted ground Cuckoo and the hoping the find the harpy Eagle .
we will be busy watching Golden collared, Blue cronwed, and Red capped manakin, Tiny and Semiplumbeous hawk, Purple thraoted Fruitcrow, Collared Aracari, Black mandibled and Keel billed Toucans , Black striped, Plain Brown, Northern Barred Woodceeper, Speckled Mourner , Spot crowned Antvireo, Moustached Antwren and many more ..
Night in The Canopy tower .

Day 5

ChallergerrespelendeToday we will travel to the Achiote Road and Fort San Lorenzo. It will provides the best caribbean slope specialties and the the habitats are more open, we will look for the Black headed Saltator, Cinammon and white winged Becard, Pacific Antwren,. song and white headed Wren, Bare crowned and Bicolored Antbirds, White tailed and Black throated Trogon, Red breasted Blackbirs , Spot crowned barbte. and more .

We also bird around San Lorenzo , we research for Black tailed Trogon, Golden collared Manakin, Green and rufous kingfisher and more.
Night in canopy tower .

Day 6

DSC09288Today we will, visit Cerro Azul and Cerro Jefe where our target birds will be the Ornate Hawk Eagle, Yellow eared Toucanet , Black and white hawk-Eagle, an we will enjoy the colourfull Tanager, Golden hooded , Black and yellow,Rufous winged,Bay headed, hepatic Tanager , Russet antshrike, Tawny capped Euphonias, Green Thorntail, White Tipped sickledbill, Bronze tailed Plumeleteer.
Night in canopy Tower.

Day 7

Fork tailed FlycatcherToday , we will fly to David.
We start birding just next to the Airport, Yellow crowned Euphonia, Tropical Mockingbird, Gray breasted martin, Garden Emerald, Veraguan Mango,Scaled breasted Hummingbird.

Then we will drive to Los Quetzales Lodge, lunch.

After lunch we will enjoy the hummingbird feederes Violet sabrewing, Snowy bellied Hummingbird, Scintillian Hummingbird, Violet crowned Woodnymph.

In the afternoon we will visit a private reserve looking for our main target the Resplendent Quetzal of course that we will see the Collared and Slate thorated Redstar, brown capped and Yellow winged Vireos, Flame throated warbler, Ochraceous Wren , Golden browed Chlorophonia and many more .

Night at los Quetzales

Day 8

Ochraceous WrenToday we will visit the up part of los quetzales ,, looking for Yellow thighed and Large footed Finch, Prong billed Barbet,Silvery fronted Tapaculo, Costa rican pygmy Owl,Black cheeked Warbler, wrenthrush, Bare shanked Screech Owl, Stripe Tailed Hummingbird, Black Phoebe, long tailed Silky-Flycatcher , Dark pewee and many more.

In the afternoon, we will go to Volcan baru,There we will look for the Volcano Hummingbird, Fiery throated Hummingbird, ochraceous Wren, Flame throated Warbler, Black capped Flycatcher, Black and yellow Silky-Flycatcher, Night in los Quetzales

Day 9

Resplendent QuetzalFortuna road is a paradise birding , Azure-hooded jay, Purple cronwed Fairy, Chestnut mandible Toucan, Slaty tailed Trogon, Black cheekes woodpecker, Rufosu winged, Black and yellow, bay headed tanager , Borwn billed Sickledbill, Green fronted Lancebill, Black cheeked, Rufoud winged, golden olive woodpecker, Spotted barbtail, , spotted, wedge Billed, Spot corwned Woodcreepers, Golden Bellied Flycatcher, Patry tyrannulet, Scale crested Pygmy tyrant, and more
Night in los quetzales.

Day 10

Ruddy TreerunnerToday we will visit the finca Hoofman located in Boquete , it is a coffee plantation.
It is a great place to research Fiery Billed Aracai, Acord , Pale billed Woodpecker , Yelllow bellied Tyrannulet, Cherries, Speckled Tanager, Purple Crowned Fairy, White tailed Emerald.
Nigh in Los quetzales .

Day 11

This morning , we will try to get the species that we had missed Before.
we will take our fly to Panama at mid day .
Night in Panam

Day 12

VolcanoTransfer out, or you continue in our Canopy lodge extension .. ask for the details…


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