Bird, birthday and family Galapagos Trip

Anahi-02Hi Edison and Diego. We’re back home now and wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had on our recent Zarate Family Galapagos adventure.

As you know this was a special family gathering to celebrate my 70th birthday. The planning process started a couple of years in advance so there were lots of details to think about and worry about over a long stretch of time. Appreciate all your guidance in putting together our itinerary during this long planning phase.

All the big pieces and all the little pieces came together nicely and the logistics of the trip were seamless. Accommodations, being picked up at the airport on a timely basis, meals and all those little details were perfect. The first phase in Quito was fun. Our Quito guide, Santiago, was gracious and attentive. Our stay with Mario and Blanca at Casa El Eden was especially memorable. They made the whole family feel at home and they were ready to do anything to make everyone happy. I know we were one of your first clients to use Casa El Eden and the family would be unanimous in recommending they become a primary resource.

The main act was the Galapagos and the experience for all the family exceeded my hopes. One of the biggest decisions was picking the right boat and your suggestion of the M/C Anahi proved to be a big winner. The Anahi was the perfect size for our group of 13. The layout was perfect and Captain William and crew were great hosts. The food, hikes, kayaking, snorkeling, all the activities ~ everything was enjoyed by the family and everyone had a fun time. In addition to our adult kids we had our 9-year old grandson and 6-month old granddaughter. In the beginning of our cruise there may have been some trepidation of having an infant passenger, but Captain William and crew quickly appreciated the family vibe, gave particular care to the grandkids, and made us feel at home. Six-month old Addison was adopted into the hearts of the crew and Captain William and most of the crew were holding her with joy at some point during our cruise.

Our Galapagos guide, Gaby Espinoza, was a perfect match for our group ~ she was fantastic! She knew the birds and was very knowledgeable about the flora, geology and history of the Galapagos. Her outgoing personality made everyone feel at ease and she was quickly adopted into the Zarate family. She was attentive to the interests of each family member and made the experience educational, enlightening, and fun for everyone from youngest to oldest in the family.

By the time one reaches 7 decades there is less interest in receiving presents and my thought for this trip was the best gift to myself was to give the family a memory, a special experience that we could all share for the coming years. This was my dream and that dream was more than fulfilled. Thank you for making this possible.

All the best, Steve

Guyana and Colombia

DavidEarlier this year we completed our seventh trip with Edison, visiting Guyana and Colombia for a full month of amazing birding, when more than 900 species were recorded.

As has been the case with all of our previous trips, Edison had carefully researched the logistics of reaching all the best birding places, enabling us to see such Guyanese specialities as Cock-of- the Rock, Sun Parakeet and Red Siskin. Our two weeks in Colombia enabled us to traverse the country from Cali to Perija, visiting key birding sites en route and concentrating on the tremendous diversity of hummingbirds and tanagers to be seen, as well as visiting the feeding places established for various species of antpitta. As is usual with any Edison tour, our days started before dawn (a 2.30 am start was the earliest!) and a new experience for us this time was a two-hour trek by horse – to the Dusky Starfrontlet Reserve in Colombia.

Not only was the trip an unqualified success in terms of the birds seen, but sightings of Mountain Tapir, Giant Anteater, and Fer-de- lance, and some wonderful scenery at Kaieteur Falls and Reserve La Perija added so much more to our experience this year. As always, Edison was so helpful and obliging, never being satisfied until we had both obtained good views of particular birds and responding to any requests we had for additional activities – on this occasion including searching for and photographing local species of cacti.

We can continue to unreservedly recommend Edison to anyone contemplating a birding trip to South America!
David and Barbara Henderson Perth,
Western Australia


We had a great trip in Ecuador with Edison .
Edison is great .




“My wife and I had a wonderful holiday in Ecuador, including 10 days being looked after and guided by Edison in the north-west/Choco region. There were many highlights during this time, including visiting the legendary Angel Paz and seeing four species of Antpitta as well as the Cock-of the-rock lek, staying at the extremely accommodating Septimo Paraiso Lodge outside Mindo and experiencing the wide selection of more unusual birds at the remote Canande reserve. Edison exhibited the height of professionalism and had an amazing talent for finding difficult, skulking birds with his acute ear for bird vocalizations and his sharp eyesight. He was also great fun to be with and proved to be an extremely safe driver in his modern 4 wheel drive. All in all his company, Swordbilled Expeditions, is highly recommended.
Neil Sutherland and Carol Armour, Scotland”


asiaferreiraIf you are looking for an intense birding trip where you will be carefully tracking birds from sunrise to sunset + and you want to have the opportunity to actually see and hear the more reclusive and secretive species than Edison is your guide. He did a great job in finding most of the Choco Endemics during our two week trip. Loved the out of the way tour to see the oilbirds. Great thanks for the ability to spontaneously change our day birding to meet our needs and personal desires. Loved all the accommodations. All the lodge owners were wonderful. It was great to have the opportunity for a private tour although that was not our original intent.! It was quite awesome.

whiskeredWe are proud that the younget birder had traveled with us .Asia Ferrera 6 years old , she had watched all endemics in Northern Peru like the Long whiskered Owlet, Marvelous Spatuletail ,Lulu’s Tody-Tyrant and more good birds through the binoculars. so everybody can enjoy ours trip the age is not important .

EMarvelous EisonPeruMy daughter and I traveled to Peru with our guide, Edison Buenano, this past January. I have known Edison since 2002 and we have traveled throughout Ecuador on 5 separate occasions. Edison is an excellent guide who is very knowledgeable about the birds in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia and is a good travel companion. On this past trip we visited the Sacred Valley, Agua Calientes and Machu Picchu, then headed up north to Tarapoto and Abra Patricia. We had an excellent trip and had good weather when we visited the spectacular ruins at Machu Picchu.

macchupicchuOur time in the Sacred Valley and Agua Calientes was also terrific. We were fortunate to have seen such amazing species such as Marvelous Spatuletail, Johnson’s Tody-Flycatcher and the very rare Long-Whiskered Owlet. The accommodations were all excellent. Edison got along well with my 7-year-old daughter, who is probably the youngest person ever to see these species through binoculars. I look forward to my next trips with Edison.
Pete Ferrera


cuba1On our fourth birding trip with Edison last year – this time to the amazingly bird-rich country of Colombia – we suggested to Edison that he expand his horizons and that we would willingly be his first guests on a trip to Cuba. To our delight, Edison organised a wonderful birding trip – from which we have just returned – comprising eleven days in Cuba and eight days in Panama. The logistics of organising a stay in Cuba are indeed challenging, and it was clear to us that Edison had been to inordinate lengths to ensure that we could see as many birds as possible and stay in places which afforded more than our basic needs. During the stay in Cuba, we visited the far west of the island, the south (the famed Zapata Peninsula) and the north coast. Edison employed local guides so that we could find as many of the endemics and other local specialties in particular areas and in the end, we had great views of all but two of the endemics species, missing out only on the Zapata Wren and the Zapata Rail – although the latter has not been reliably reported for some years. Cuba also gave us the chance to find many North American migrants, notably shorebirds and wood warblers as well as other species which are more difficult to find elsewhere.

cuba2Add to the birding experiences a trip to a wonderful Spanish-influenced restaurant in Old Havana in a 1955 Pontiac Chieftain, a guided tour of Old Havana and time to walk along the Malecon and this was yet another trip which we would wholeheartedly recommend to any birder. Sights of species such as Bee Hummingbird, Cuban Tody and Blue-crowned Quail-Dove will be forever etched in our memories, and made the 55-hour journey from our home in Perth well worth the effort.

panama1During the eight days in Panama, we stayed at the Canopy Tower in central Panama and then birded north of Ciudad David in the west of the country, from our base at the wonderful Los Quetzales Lodge. As expected, birdlife in Panama was much more varied and we recorded more than double the number of species seen in Cuba. Again, Edison used local guides and drivers which added greatly to our experiences. Excellent views of Resplendent Quetzal were afforded, and other highlights included Flame-throated and Golden-winged Warbler, the two species of silky-flycatcher and Fiery-billed Aracari.

panama2As on our previous trips, Edison was absolutely indefatigable! 4am starts with breakfast ‘in the field’ were organised where needed so that we could get the best from every day, and Edison displayed infinite patience and encouragement to ensure that we had good views of each species we encountered. For those birders who have visited northern South America, we can unreservedly recommend Cuba for a different kind of birding – fewer species but many are challenging to find – and Panama for an interesting mix of species from both North and South America. With Edison as your guide, you are assured of a memorable trip!


chestnut_piculet fotoWhat can I say about Edison? Nothing that hasn’t been said before. He’s one of the best birding guides around. He knows the birds by sight & especially by sound. He displays infinite patience when dealing with people who are not blessed with that particular characteristic, always making sure that everyone sees the bird! We have done 4 trips with Edison: Twice in Ecuador, Peru, & most recently Colombia. Can’t wait to bird with him again! Love you Edison!



Blue naped Chlorophonia


Photo Colombia

We have just completed our fifth trip with our dear friend and favorite guide, Edison Buenano of SwordBilled Expeditions. We opted this year for a short trip (seven days) to the lovely Santa Marta region of Colombia, where we were eager to focus on the endemics. Well, we had a clean sweep! From the Santa Marta Parakeet to the Santa Marta Tapaculo, Edison found them all. We even scored the as-yet unnamed (officially) Santa Marta screech owl on its day roost. Edison and our great driver Luis made a heroic effort to locate the owl in thick hillside foliage and managed to drag the three of us up to see it! Edison has a gift for hearing, identifying and finding the birds, but he also has a gift for creating a memorable experience for everyone who travels with him. He is funny, kind, patient and persistent. After three Ecuador trips, a Peru trip and now Colombia with our amigo Eddie, we are ready to follow him to the moon if he can find birds there (and he could if anyone could). This was a comfortable, easy trip with fine accommodations – especially at the El Dorado Lodge with its busy feeders and magnificent sunsets. We had wonderful lunches along the lovely Caribbean coast in local restaurants with incredible seafood. And best of all, the birds – 265 species seen! This is a perfect destination for a quick getaway centered on endemics, with the perfect guide. Thanks you, dear friend!



A27_OwlingWe had used Edison Buenano as a birding guide for several day-trips in the Quito area in 2004 and 2008, and were really delighted when we discovered that he is now running his own company. We’ve just returned from a two-week trip through southern Ecuador with Edison and Sword-Billed Expeditions that was easily one of the best and most enjoyable birding trips we’ve ever taken. Edison is a wonderful travel companion and superb guide. The itinerary was excellent – great lodges, great food, amazing birding – and Edison remained unruffled at all times, keeping us on schedule while dealing with lost luggage, roads closed by landslides, and other unexpected challenges. Memories of great looks at great birds such as Long-wattled Umbrellabird, Gray Tinamou, White-breasted Parakeet, Lanceolated Monklet, Ocellated Tapaculo, and of course the ultra-charismatic Jocotoco Antpittas will stick with us forever. We’re already looking forward to visiting Peru and Colombia with Edison as soon as we save up enough vacation time!
Cathy McFadden & Paul Clarke
Claremont, CA


Edison with Paul J. Greenfield , one of the author of the BIRDS OF ECUADOR.

Thanks Edison and Sword Billed Expeditions.

I have had the pleasure to know Edison since 2002. Since then, we have gone on 5 trips to various regions of Ecuador, including a family trip to the Galapagos. His birding skills continue to amaze me, as he immediately recognizes all the birds by both sight and sound. He is very easy going and a great travel companion. I wouldn’t use another guide to this region. Nov 03-14 Pete Ferrera

We just returned from a trip to Ecuador where Diego Andrade was our cultural guide and driver and Rudy Gelis our birding and naturalist guide. Our trip was arrangement by Sword Billed Expeditions .

We enjoyed a wonderful week in Quito and the Mindo area. We saw almost 200 species of birds, amazing flowers, and incredible scenery. We highly recommend both Diego and Rudy. Diego took us on a fascinating cultural tour of Quito – we especially loved the richly decorated cathedrals, the equatorial museum and the Virgin of the Panecillo. The countryside was great from the Antizano – amazing condors — to the tropical forests, cloud forests and rain forests. Rudy was one of the most knowledgeable birders and botanists we have ever been with and a wizard with a spotting scope.

We had a fabulous week in Ecuador and hope to return soon to see the Galapagos and Amazon.
Thanks for a great vacation.
Sherri and Chuck Karaian

Southern Ecuador and Galapagos Island Trip


Giant Conebill


Birding friends

Our trip to see Ecuadorian endemics and Tumbesian birds was an adventure we will always remember and look back to as a fantastic tour of Southwestern Ecuador plus added delights. We trekked to all the Jocotoco Foundation Reserves, added a side trip to the Eastern Amazonian highlands at Copalinga lodge and ended in the high Andes at El Cajas. Our guide, Edison knows all the birds, where they can be found, and enjoys hearing and seeing them in the wild. This was our second tour with Edison, he only gets better.We especially enjoyed the birding because Edison knows how to break up a trip, change the pace and enjoy the local cuisine and people.If you get a chance to take this trip, go for it. and the Galapagos Trip was amazing……thank you so much.
Dennis and Susan Christie


David Barbara and Edison in Colombia

David and Barbara Henderson Perth, Western Australia January 2012

5 Black backed Thornbill

Black backed Thornbill

Following very successful birding trips with Edison and SWORD BILLED EXPEDITIONS to Ecuador (twice) and Peru, we decided on the Colombian Full Endemics tour for 2012 and have just returned from a most remarkable birding experience, with no fewer than 534 species seen in just three weeks. Most of the birding sites we visited were in conservation areas owned by Fundacion ProAves, a Colombian organisation set up in 1998 to protect the Yellow-eared Parrot. The lodges owned by ProAves were comfortable and provided all basic needs and the staff extremely helpful and so dedicated to the causes of wildlife conservation. ProAves even has its own shade coffee plantation, in a key wintering area for the Cerulean Warbler. It was good to know that all the profits from our stay will be used to fund the acquisition of more land for conservation of endangered Colombian birds.

Having known Edison for five years, we are amazed that he manages to retain his enthusiasm and dedication to his work where nothing is too much trouble for him in meeting the needs of his clients and in particular his insistence that each member of the tour sees each bird well and to their satisfaction – in our case this is made more remarkable as one of us is quite seriously red-green colour deficient! As in all of our other trips with Edison, the organisation was outstanding, with a timeline which gave us the maximum chance to see the special birds of each particular place and the travel made so much easier by the use of experienced Colombian drivers who were well-versed in local conditions. Colombia has a rather unfortunate – and thoroughly undeserved – reputation as a dangerous country to visit and indeed we found quite the opposite to be true. At no time during our three weeks did we feel in the least bit unsafe, and the itinerary which Edison had devised included the most bird-rich and most accessible parts of the central and northern parts of the country. As we had some additional time available this year, Edison arranged a day trip to the paramo habitat at Chingaza National Park, and – following our request – a visit to the best place to buy emeralds in Bogota!

We have recommended Edison to all other birders we meet and those who have participated on a tour with him have always commented on his extraordinary knowledge, energy, patience and dedication to the cause of wildlife conservation and for the serious birder, who is not averse to 4am starts and breakfast ‘in the field’, we can recommend, without any reservation, a tour with Edison. Our only regret is that we are running out of places to visit with Edison, so hope to persuade him to expand his horizons so that we can bird other parts of the neotropics with him in the future!



“If you’re serious about learning the birds of Ecuador, a Sword Billed Expeditions field trip is the way to go. Owner and field guide Edison Buenano is a leading authority on the birds of Ecuador and he shares his encyclopedic knowledge with enthusiasm and infinite patience. Add to the mix his close working relationships with landowners and the best ecotourism lodges in the country, and the result is truly carefree birding in one of the birdiest areas in the world.”
Bruce Mast

Dear Edison and Sword Billed Expeditions

Thank you so much for a wonderfully memorable trip. Birding with you in Ecuador was everything I ever imagined and more. Your knowledge of the birds and all their sounds is truly amazing. You were so helpful to all of us in locating the different species when they were moving rapidly through the foliage in mixed flocks. And you were so quick to get them in the scope if they were good enough to perch for even an instant. I appreciated your patience in repeating the species names for birds we had already seen and your enthusiasm in announcing new species and helping us find them as they emerged.

Our bus was very comfortable and the driver was outstanding. There were a couple of times when Jorge turned the bus around in space that seemed far too impossible. And it was a comfort to know that if people got tired they could easily return to the bus or use it for shelter if it started to rain. The hotels and lodges were extremely comfortable and the food was excellent. I know we will try to perfect our soups and ceviche recipes, knowing how wonderful they can be. And the lodges were so very thoughtful in accommodating my special dietary restrictions; I was very thankful for that. Ruth and Alan Tobey


“Traveling with the Golden Gate Audubon Society, under the guidance of Sword Billed Expeditions from 9/23/11 – 9/7/11, I was thrilled (or should I say overwhelmed) to have the opportunity to make a passing acquaintance with a quarter of Ecuador’s avian residents; 415 species to be exact, though the more astute members of our group managed to surpass the 500 mark.

Moving from 1500 to 14,000 feet on both the east & west slope of the Andes we travelled at a comfortable pace, in a comfortable bus piloted by Jorge the miracle driver. We were billeted in lodges (I was expecting rustic) that ranged from fine to pretty darn nice. I was especially pleased the establishments were eco-friendly, mostly with their own organic gardens, and the food was from good Ecuadorian fare to very well considered and prepared meals.

What made the trip such a success though was our guide, Edison Buenaño. Edison’s knowledge of the birds and their songs was encyclopedic and his enthusiasm (FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE, LOOK AT THIS BIRD!!) was contagious. He was patient with those of us a bit slower at finding the birds and persistent in trying to make sure all of our party had an opportunity to sight our target birds. Everything was well organized and all I had to do was get up and go bird watching; what more could I ask for. Rating: exceeded expectations.” Thanks for a great experience. Mitchell Youngman

testimonial_nov11_3 testimonial_nov11_2

Karen and I want to thank Edison and Sword Billed Expeditions for such a wonderful trip. There were far more great birds than we could have imagined.

Our group had a wide range of birding skills ranging from the highest level to casual interest and I appreciate how hard it is to please everyone. I place myself somewhere in the middle and with more preparation the potential was there for truly spectacular results. I’m pleased with what I accomplished. Karen was happy to see so much . The lodging was good to great and the meals were to my liking. I especially liked the local specialties like the Bolones and great fruit drinks.
Karen O’Rourke/John Brenneman

In early September 2011 we took our 4th birding trip with Edison. He is like a son to us. We birded northern Peru where we saw the Marvelous Spatuletail (hummingbird) and finally the Andean Condor plus many other species. Edison is marvelous himself as a birder and a friend. I can not say enough about the great adventures we have with him. He knows I like to photograph the birds as well as look as them and he makes sure there is plenty of opportunities for doing do.
Sherry (& Arden) Hagen, Vancouver, WA 3-17 Sep


Three friends and I spent two weeks with Edison in Southern Ecuador in Sept-Oct 2010. It was my second tour with Edison, and as before, he is a great pleasure to travel with. As the only photographer in the group, I was busy with cameras for some of the sightings, but still saw 342 species and 83 lifers, and came away with some great images, including my first tinamou and antpitta shots. Edison knows the birds, the birdsong, the locations and the people, and even gave us a small historical summary of the southern cities. Plus he’s a really nice guy! Bob Lewis

We had the greatest experience of our lives during our visit to Ecuador. Edison was the BEST guise we have ever dealt with. His insistance that we see as many birds as possible presented an amazing number of new birds with quality views! Simply outstanding!
Dave Lewis


testimonials_6 Edison has done it again! We recently returned from our 1st trip to Peru with our good friend, Edison. This is our 3rd tour with him, & as in the past, everything was perfect. His ability to ID all of the squeaks & whistles in dense brush, & then to coax the caller out, & to ID almost all of the many birds in a mixed flock is unsurpassed! Can’t wait to do another tour with him, maybe Peru again (Manu?), or? Lory & Mark Conrad, James Albernathy PERU TRIP


Dear Sword Billed Expeditions /Edison,


Happy Birders after seen Peruvian Plancutter and Rufous Flycatcher BOSQUE DE POMAC , PERU



I want to thank you sincerely for your guiding of my recent trip to northern Peru, focusing on the region’s large and interesting set of endemic species. Many people, like me, travel on business and find themselves in places ideal for auxiliary birding. Your flexibility and creativity fitting into my business schedule were extraordinary. I could not want more. I am impressed by the care of your organization, the effectiveness of your birding site selection, and your enthusiasm and patients. I have never had more fun birding as with you as my guide. Thank you so much.

I look forward to a new trip in a year’s time to the tropical forests of Ecuador.

With warm regards,


Outside the Hummingbird Centre where the Marvelous Spatuletail can be seen and the best Incas Ruins in South America Macchupicchu


Outside the Hummingbird Centre where the Marvelous Spatuletail can be seen and the best Incas Ruins in South America Macchupicchu

We have just returned from our third birding trip with Edison, this time to Peru, after two trips to Ecuador. Each of these trips has resulted in more than 400 species seen in just two weeks’ birding, but birding with Edison is so much more than simply compiling a list of birds seen. As birders who wish to learn as much as we can about the birds we see, we have found Edison an inexhaustible font of knowledge, not only about the identifying features of any species, but also about each species’ habits, distribution and current classification. Whilst the birds are always the focus of our trips, Edison is ever willing to indulge us in other pursuits we may request, whether it is visiting the bookshops of Lima to find the latest works of fiction, or stopping in the deserts of Peru to photograph fine specimens of endemic cacti. In the field, we never fail to be impressed by the way Edison is able to identify species from the smallest clue, be it a distant call or a flash of colour and never will he want to move on until everyone in the party has had a real chance of seeing each bird. We have always left Sword Billed Expeditions and Edison to make the arrangements for all of our trips, and the accommodation he organises is always just what we need: comfortable, with great food and –so important- locally owned so that the profits stay in the country we are visiting. Both in the field and at the end of each day, Edison’s unfailing good humour, friendly approach and willingness to help us gain the maximum from our experiences has meant that we will continue to bird with him on an annual basis in the years to come and would recommend him to anyone wanting the very best that birding northern South America can offer.
From 31 Dec 2010 to 16 Jan 2011 David and Barbara Henderson Perth, Western Australia


Tim is enjoying his birthday with us

My recent birding trip to Ecuador with Sword Billed Expeditions was unquestionably the best birding that I have every experience. First off, Ecuador is an incredible place for species diversity. 53 hummingbird species in nine days

Tim is enjoying his birthday with us was just one highlight of the trip. Sword Billed Expeditions and Edison , made all the arrangements, providing a fine vehicle, driving, and arranging stays in three enjoyable lodges and great food. His abilities as a guide are unmatched. Although I expect expert knowledge from professional guides, no one has ever had the same level of experience and precision that he showed. He can identify the birds of a dense and hectic mixed flock high in the canopy and show almost all of the species to his client. He knew the full range of bird songs and calls that are so essential in successful tropical birding. What impressed me especially was Edison’s adaptability. Most guides are oriented towards getting the most birds possible on the trip list; yes, Edison wanted to do that. But more importantly, he quickly understands the particular interests of his client and works hard to satisfy them. I wanted to see well a wide range in the variability within the different tropical forest families; he did this so well for me that I ended each day with a smile on my face. A friend, who recommended Edison to me, tries to photograph well as many species as he can; Edison directed his attentions to making this a reality. I strongly recommend Sword Billed Expeditions; birding with then is exciting and fulfilling. I am already looking forward to my next trip with them.
Timothy and Marlene Earle From 30 Jul to 19 Aug .. Good Trip



We are in the isla de la Plata Island ( Machalilla nationa Park )… nice view of Red Billed Tropicbird and we saw the Humpback Whales on the to way to the island… and the nice Waved Albatross Good Trip.


Everybody is watching Yellow Breasted Antpitta (Willie

Edison was our local guide during my recent trip to Ecuador organised by Bird Holidays of Yeadon and we had the most amazing time. Edison is incredible at identifying a squeak in the undergrowth and minutes later enticing the actual bird to appear in front of our eyes. He was so patient and worked so hard to ensure everyone in the group managed to see each bird. His knowledge of the local birds is outstanding and I would not have managed to see an incredible 421 birds in 14 days without his expertise. Thank you, Edison, and I hope to have you guide me on another trip in South America soon.

Pauline Hogg


Having a nice pic-nic lunch on the Old Nono Mindo road

Thanks, Edison, for our three days in Mindo filled with birds, sights, and adventure beyond anything we could have imagined. Your itinerary, excellent English, kind manners, excellent driving skills, good humor, vast knowledge of not only birds, but all flora, fauna, and cultural aspects of our trip made every day packed with fun and excitement. Your patience and determination to have both of us see and enjoy each sight and event made the three days totally filled with beauty and birds.
We are definitely considering another trip with you. We’ll keep in touch with your web site.
Priscilla and Imelda March27-29


Happy birders with Edison in our Trip to Ballestas islands , we saw Humboldt Penguin, Inca Tern, Surf Cinclodes and much more in our Peru Trip March 2010


Happy birders with Edison in the southern Ecuador Trip Febrary 2010 after seen the endemic and rare Pale headed brush Finch

We first met Edison in 2006 as our bird guide in northern Ecuador for a trip arranged by one travel agency . Out on his own now with Sword Billed Expeditions, we arranged for him to guide us through southern Ecuador in February, 2010.
As before, we found Edison to be an able and affable guide and traveling companion, enthusiastically getting us to and onto great birds. My husband and I are life-long birders, and have shared the pleasure of birding for 26 married years. We do have different birding styles and appreciated that Edison was sometimes amenable to guiding one of us so that the other could bird solo for a bit.


Our friends Mike and Ginger are having a new experience in their life…they are enjoying the guinea pig(cuy)..buen provecho!

Others have praised Edison’s driving skills. The south Ecuador tour covers many, many miles over rough roads. A good driver and a reliable vehicle is a HUGE must-have. We were grateful daily for Edison’s alert and careful driving.
In addition to birding, we remember with pleasure the stalk of little bananas we purchased en route for snacks, the field trip to the grocery store in Zamora, the lunch in Loja at a family roadside stall, and roasted guinea pig in Cuenca, things we might not have done without Edison. When one of us developed a cold mid-trip, Edison was able to make small changes in our itinerary so we were a little more comfortable.
We wish Edison many years of good birding and happy clients!
Mike and Ginger, Bar Harbor, ME


Everybody is Happy after seen the Jocotoco Antpittas in our Southern Tour


Nice adventure to see the Oilbird, in our Choco tour.

We just completed our 2nd trip to Ecuador with Edison as our guide. He is one of the best birding guides we have ever had the joy to bird with. He knows all the calls, & can call the birds in with amazing regularity. He also always knows where to go to see the most birds, & planned a very thorough itinerary for us in Southern Ecuador, which enabled us to get alot of the Tumbesian endemics.
Got all the Mountain-toucans, all the Sunangels & both Umbrellabirds!
Can’t wait to do Peru next year with our favorite guide…..Edison Buenaño!
Southern trip from 21 Nov to 5 Dec 2009
Lori & Mark Conrad, James Claude Abernathy and Robert Louis Beckler

We have been with Edison on 3 trips, 2 to Ecuador (north & south) and we just completed a 3 week trip in Peru (October 2009). Eddy is a top notch birder. He knows the birds ID by calls or a quick flyby, sometimes before we even know a bird is in sight. Amazing!!! He is always fun to bird with and takes extra measures to make sure you are having a good time. We can not say enough about this young man. Bird with him and you’ll be hooked too.
Sherry (& Arden)
Hagen Vancouver, WA

“Edison is an excellent bird guide operating on a par with those at international companies like Field Guides. He knows his birds, can call them in, drives well, and is a very pleasant, lovely man. I highly recommend him.”
John Mitterer

“We went with Edison to the Cloud Forest and Paramo in early March 2009. What a wonderful experience. We saw well over 200 new species including the Andean Cock of the Rock. Not only did Edison know the birds of Ecuador well, but he knew the flora and other fauna as well. Edison’s pleasant and fun filled personality added to the enjoyment we had with him. He is a GREAT guide.”
Tom and Connie Herzig

“Edison has been our guide for three trips since 2007. We’ve covered most of the major birding hotspots, and have seen more than 900 species in Ecuador with him. He is simply the BEST. He’s also a great driver and knows just about every road in the country. Edison is more than our guide now – he’s a dear friend. Next year – Peru!”
Peggy Page

“I had the most wonderful experience of the Andean & Amazonian avifuana with Edison as my guide. I saw an amazing total of 378 species in 16 days (May 2008), and videoed 279 species! Coming from Singapore, almost every species is a lifer! Edison is amazing, in his knowledge of the birds, of the area, of the people and of the culture. Moreover, he paid particular attention to our requests, and got most of the endemics and specialties we needed. I will recommend him as a guide anytime without hesitation! In fact, I am looking forward to planning another trip with him.
Soon-Chye Ng

“Two of my birding buddies and I had the good fortune to bird with Edison Buenano last year. Edison had been referred to us by another friend. Edison not only is a superb birder, but his arrangements were excellent: picking us up at the airport, transportation to our hotel, the quality of the hotel, and the itinerary he put together. Also, we all wanted to go to Otavalo Market, so the first day of our trip was at the market, with a delightful lunch nearby, and a bit of birding. We had an outstanding week with Edison.
This year, Joan & I were only in Quito for a day, on our way to the Galapagos, and we spent the day with Edison at the market and doing a tour of Colonial Quito. He was a delight to be with.”
Charles (Carlitos) Oldham
Lake Oswego, Oregon & Scottsdale, Arizona


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