Colombian Videos

Black Inca Seen at the feeders in Cerulean reserve
Crimson backed Tanager seen at Paujil reserve
Scrub Tanager seen at El Arrierito Reserve
The endecmic Santa Martha Woodstart seen at El dorado Reserve
The endemic Beautifull Woodpecker seen al Paujil Reserve
The endemic White tailed Startfrontlet seen in El Dorado Reserve
White face Capucchin
Keel-billed Toucan seen in El Dorado Reserve
Northern Screamer seen in Magdalena Wetland
Orange Chinned Parrakeet seen at Paujil Reserve
Santa Martha Antpitta seen in the Dorado Reserve
White headed Marsh Tyrant seen in El Boqueron Wetland
Yellow eared Parrot seen at El Jardin Reserve
Yellow hooded Blackbird

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