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Day 1

STSPIArrive in Bogotá. Your international flights will likely arrive in the late afternoon/evening; you will be met at the airport and taken to your hotel in the fashionable and secure Parque 93 district in the North of Bogota. Due to differing arrival times we will not provide dinner this evening, but choices around the hotel area are plentiful. Bogotá is located at 2640 meters in elevation, nestled in a large plateau in the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes. Night in Bogota.

Day 2

RbcoToday we will start with an early morning to visit the La Florida park in Bogota. It has a good marsh habitat, preferred by Silver-throated Spinetail, Bogota Rail and Apolinar’s Wren, all of which are Colombian endemics. We will also enjoy the more common birds around the area like Yellow-hooded Blackbird, Southern Lapwing, Wattled Jacana and many more.

After mid-morning we will start driving down hill to San francisco to the Jardin Encantado. There we will enjoy the hummingbird feeders, where we hope to see good hummers including the endemic Indigo-capped Hummingbird, Lazuline Sabrewing, White-bellied Woodstar and may be the Ruby Topaz.

We will enjoy our lunch in nice restaurant and then drive to El Libano. On the way we will stop at Laguna de Hato. Here we will search for Yellow-chinned Spinetail, Russet-throated Puffbird and the endemics Velvet-fronted Euphonia and Apical Flycatcher. Night in El Libano.

Day 3

Early this morning we will visit a nice forest close to the town where we will look for the endemic Yellow-headed Brush-Finch, plus other specialties including Black-headed Brush-Finch, Highland Motmot, Violet-crowned Woodnymph, White-naped Brush-Finch and we will look for the endemic Tolima Dove. We will have lunch in town, and them we will drive to Manizales. Night in Manizales.

Day 4

CCantThis day we will visit Rio Blanco and we will enjoy to see the antpitta’s Men. He feed Brown banded , Chestnut crowned, Slate crowned and Bicolored Antpittas. And we will reseach for Masked Saltator, Green and black Fruiteater. At night we will reserch for the Rufous banded owl, White throated Screech –Owl and Lyre tailed Nightjar. Night in Manzales.

Day 5

Buffy-helmetcrestOur target bird will be the Buffy Helmetcrest at Nevado del ruiz. Wher e we will love to s ee the paramo and some Paramo specialties , with some luck Andean Condor is posible. Them we will visit the Hummingbird feederasat Termales del otoño, Purple backed Thornbill , Rainbow bearded Thornbill, Great sabrewing, Shining Sunbean , Black thighted Puffleg, and more.

We will drive to Otun-Quimbaya reserve.

Day 6

RRFui3Early mornig we will look for the Hooded Antpitta , this bird love the early morning and late afternoon. So we hope to see it . The Red rufted Fruicrown is common here. Plus Cauca Guan and at night we will reserch for Colombian Screeach Owl. Night at the reserve.

Day 7

GCTWe will spend the morning birding around the lodge, and after luch we leave to Santa Rosa the cabal.

Night Santa Rosa del cabal.

Day 8

FuertesThis morning we will visit a new place for the endemic Fuerte’s Parrot and we will have a chance for Balck billed and Grey breasted Mountain Toucan, Sedge wren and many mroe .

We will star driving to montezuna reserve.

Night in Montezuma.

Day 9 - 10

We have 2 full days to bird around the pretine forest of Montezuma, it is located in the Choco área. Here, we will many choco and colombian endemics., Violet tailed Sylph, Empress brillinat, Purple bibbed White tipped , Toucan barbet, may be the rare White faced Nunbird, , Andean Emerald, Purple throated Woodstar and many more and Gold-ringed and Balck and gold Tanager plus many others.

Night in Montezuma.

Day 11

WBwoodsThis day we will drive to Cali and on the way we will stop a Laguna del sonso, Apical Flycatcher, Grayish Piculet, Jet Antbird, Tropical screech-Owl. Night in Cali .

Day 12

Anchicaya Road is one of our favorite road fro biridng. This is a pristine choco forest we will some many good birds like Club winged manakin. Scarlet and White, Rufous winged, Emerald, Golden Chested Tanager , and many more . Nigh in cali .

Day 13

MUltico3The Km 18 is famous for the pretty Multicolor Tanager and now There is a place where it is coming to feed so we will visit that reserve and of course we will see Flame rumped , Silver throated Tanager , Red headed Barbet., Yellow vented Woodpecker We will fly to Bogota in the afternoon. Night In Bogota.

Day 14

GBSt32We will find the Green beared Helmetcrest at chingaza national park, Bogota. It had been Split from Bearded Helmetcrest and we will enjpy to see the Scarlet bellied Mountain, black chested , Hooded mountain Tanager, Bronze tailed Thornbill . Plus many other Night in Bogota .

Day 15

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