Videos Peru

Marvelous Spatuletail endemic , Great view at the feeders in our Peru Trip
Andean Negrito, Huacarpa lake
Andean Solitaire en Aguas Calientes, Macchupichu
Mishana Tyrannulet endemic. Moyobamba
Piura Chat Tyrant endemic, Abra Porculla
The endemic White tailed Startfrontlet seen in El Dorado Reserve
Puna Ibis seen in Huacarpay lake, Cusco
Scaled Fruiteater seen in Afluente
Streak fronted Thornbird, Huarcapay lake
Tumbes tyrant seen at chaparri Lodge
Spot throated Hummingbirds seen in Balsas (Marañon River)
Surf Cinclodes endemic seen in la Catedral, Paracas peninsula
Peruvian Thick-knee seen in Pantanos de Villa
Spectacled Bear seen at chaparri reserve
Many colored Rush Tyrant seen in Pantanos de villa
Great Grebe seen in Pantanos de Villa in our Peru Trip
Gray bellied Comet endemic seen in Rio Chonta
Emerald bellied Puffleg seen in owlet lodge Abra Patricia
Coastal Miner endemic
Hoatzin seen in Amazonia Lodge
Slender Billed Miner seen on our way to wayqecha reserch station
White-Tufted Sunbeam seen in Abra Malaga
Scarlet Macaw seen around the Cabins in Manu Wildlife Center
Rose Fronted Parakeet seen at collpa Trail in Manu Wildlife Center
Andean Goose seen at Abra Malaga Pass
Rufous crested Coquette seen at Amazonia lodge
Harphy Eagle Video Puerto Maldonado
Blanquillo clay lick in Madre de Dios River
Humboldt Penguin seen at Ballestas Islands
Least Seedsnipe seen at Lomas de Lachay in our Peru Trip
Inca Tern seen at Ballestas Islands
Festive Coquette Puerto Maldonado
Puna Teal seen at Huacarpay Lake in Cusco

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