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This trip is focus to see all the santa Martha endemics and we will have pleanty of time to get all of them , plus we will visit peninzula La Guajiro for some nearly endemics.

Day 1

AAflaWe will pick you up at the Airport and then transfer to a nice hote l in Barranaquilla.

Day 2

BBth2we will have an early start to go to see our first endemic Chestnut winged Chachalaca and then we will have a short drive to salamaca Wetlandas where we will see the Cute Russet throated Puffbird, White headed marh-tyrant, Pearl Kite, Northern Screamer, Bicolored and Stripe backed Wren . After a good moring birding, we wil drive to Rio hacha on the way we will have a delicious Lunch, The Colombia cuisine is really good.

We will plan to have some stop on the way to Our hotel , we will look for White bellied Antbird, lance tailed Manakin, may be the rare Gray capped Cuckoo, your guide knows some good places for that One. Night in Rio Hacha.

Day 3

BNchor1This day we will visit the Los flamencos national park , it is dry forest where we will see the pretty White whiskered Spinetail, Chestnut Piculet, Bared Eyed Pigeon, Northern Scrub Flycathcer, Buffy hummingbird, Oricnoco Saltator, Pale tippe and Slender Billed Inexias, we will stop at the laggoon to check the scarlet Ibis , many terns, Flamingos and more. We will enjoy our lunch watching the Caribbeaon sea. After lunch we will drive to Minca town.

We will watch the hummingbirds feeders at the hotel , White vente Plumeleteer, Steely vented Hummingbird, White necked jacabin plus Others.

Day 4

closeup challnerOur endemcis will show soon after we will climb in our 4X4 vehicules. We will s top to see the Godlen winged Sparrow, Scaled Piculet, Black chested Jay, may be we will find the Black and White Owl roosting.

We will climb to the Dorado lodge , it is loated at 8.200 Fts. On the way we will try to get the Santa marta Foliagle Gleaner, Blossomcrown, Santa Marta woodstar and more . We will enjoy our lunch at the Lodge and realxing afternooon around the Lodge where are the endemics.

Day 5, 6 and 7

Jacobin2Night in Dorada lodge The Santa Marta Mountains. These days we will be moving up and down hill. This mountain range has the tallest peaks in Colombia. Nineteen endemic bird species are currently recognized as well as more than seventy subspecies, some of which will likely be raised to species level in the near future. We’ll make the most of our time here, covering all the elevations accessible by road and having picnic lunches in the field. The higher elevations hold flocks of screeching Santa Marta Parakeets, Yellow-crowned Redstarts, Santa Marta Warblers, the stolid Santa Marta Bush-Tyrant, Brown-rumped Tapaculo, Rusty-headed Spinetail, and the “soon to be split” local race of Rufous Antpitta. At the feeders we will see the beautiful White-tailed Starfrontlet, Streak-capped Spinetail, Santa Marta Mountain-Tanager, and Santa Marta Antpitta. Around the lodge clearing is the best spot for Santa Marta Brush-Finch and lots of endemic subspecies including Cinnamon Flycatcher, Black-hooded Thrush, Blue-capped Tanager and Emerald Toucanet. We will also hope to see Santa Marta Tapaculo, Santa Marta Woodstar and Santa Marta Foliage-Gleaner. Other feathered gems that put gleams of lust into the eyes of visiting birders include Blossomcrown, White-tipped Quetzal, Golden-breasted Fruiteater, and Rusty-breasted Antpitta. Night in El Dorado Lodge.

Day 8

NScre4This day we will try to see some species that we had missed before . We will drive from EL Dorado Lodge to Barranquilla . We will visit Salamanca in the afternoon to get Bicolored Conebill, Sulphure bellied hummingbird plus other, Night in Barraqnuilla.

Day 9

PBF21Trasnfer out .


PerijaTapaculoAfter many year that Perija have been close, now it is open and we had a great lodge own by pro-aves, so we will stay there.

We will drive from barranquilla to Valledupar and then to Perija reserve.

We will arrive in the afternoon we will enjoy the hummingbirds feeders , our first perija endemics will be the Brush-Finch . Night in the reserve.


Perthistle32We will leave early morning wiht our breaskfast to savana rubia. Where we will enjoy the sunshine of the Sierrra nevada , it is beautifull to see. And then we will find the Perija Metaltail,Tapaculo and Thistletail, plus other.

Lunch at the reserve , We will be birding down hill looking for the Golden headed Quetzal, Rufous shafted Woodstar, Paramo Seeadeater and more . Night at the reserve .


REFThis day we will drive back to Barranquilla . looking for the speceis that we have mssed before . Nigh in Barranquilla.


RUFOsahaftedwoosatTrasnfer out .

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