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Day 1

Carpintero-magelanicoTransfer in. Night Buenos Aires.

Day 2

argentina-UshuaiaThis day we will have a full day in Pampas an Wetland aorund Buenos Aires , we will visit entre ríos, looking for Greater Rhea, Chotoy Spinetail, Tufted Tit-Spientail, Brown and yellow Marshbird, Southern Screamer, Maguari Stork, Scimiter billed Woodcreeper, White Monjita, South American Stilt, Giant Wood-Rail, White fronted Woodpecker, and many more Night Buenos aires

Day 3

Today we will have an Early flight to Ushuaia. There are great views of the city from the airport with a fantastic mountain us background. Check-In at hotel. During the afternoon we will visit Ushuaia sea coast. We expect so see Flight-less Steamer-duck, Flying Steamer-duck, Kelp Goose, Magellanic and Blackish Oystercatcher among others. Time permitting we will also drive towards the local dump area looking for White-bellied Caracara. Enviroment visited: Sea coast and some forest. Night in Ushuaia.

Day 4

Tierra del Fuego National Park provides a perfect contrast, for here we visit the dense Southern Beech forest, home of the White-throated treerunner and the Magellanic Woodpecker. On rivers and lakes there are good chances for Ducks, Great Grebe, Ringed Kingfisher, and Flying Steamer-Ducks among others. We will search above our heads for the majestic king of the Andes, the Condor. Fire-eyed Diucon, Chilean Swallow, Austral Thrush, Black-chinned Siskin, Patagonian Sierra-finch, and the delightful Thorn-tailed Rayadito are also possible to spot. Sometimes it is possible to find diving-petrels using a scope from the coast. Environment visited: Beech forest, rivers, lakes, Beagle Channel coast, Bogs. Night in Ushuaia Tierra

Day 5

snowysheatbille22Today we will enjoy on of the highlights of Southern Patagonia. Departing early morning we will sail through the famous Beagle Channel searching for some of the specialties of this area. While sailing, different sea birds can be observed, such as: Black-browed Albatross, Southern Giant-Petrel, Southern Fulmar (mainly winter and spring), Magellanic Diving-Petrel, and some remaining South American Terns. On the islands we will focus on Rock Cormorant, King Cormorant, Blue-eyed Cormorant, Flightless Steamer Duck, Magellanic Oystercatcher, Snowy Sheathbill, Dolphin Gull, Blackish Cinclodes (scarce) and others. On Martillo Island we’ll get excellent views of the Magellanic Penguin and the Gentoo Penguin. Sometimes King Penguins are observed too. After this tour we will be back in town, it will be a good time to take a look around before dinner.Night in Ushuaia.

Day 6

After checking out from the hotel we will devote our morning birding at the Martial Glacier area. We will start walking through beech forest until we reach the timberline (700 mtrs). Once we get there we will search for some of the specialties of the Andes such as Dark-faced Ground-Tyrant, Ochre-napped Ground-Tyrant, White-throated Caracara and beautiful Yellow-bridled Finch. We’ll also search for the really scarce White-bellied Seed-snipe. Please take note that at this time of year there are good chances of walking on snow, if it is too snowy the chances to see these birds decrease. After enjoying lunch at a local restaurant we will star driving northwards, crossing the Andes range and having excellent views of lakes and mountains. On the way there are some good spots to stop and check for another specialty, the Magellanic Plover. Our final destination today is Rio Grande. Environment visited: High Andes, above tree line, lakes, forest, steppe grasslands. Night in Rio Grande.

Day 7

argentina-MagellanicNorthern Tierra del Fuego.

After breakfast we will search the northern grasslands and lagoons of Tierra del Fuego, it is a good area to find Magellanic Plover, Rufous-chested Dotterel, Ruddy-headed Goose, Austral Canastero, Two-banded Plover, Cinnamon-bellied Ground-Tyrant and Common and Short-billed Miners are also possible. According to tides we will spend some time along the Atlantic coast, where some of the lasting northern hemisphere shorebirds are preparing to fly back home. Are possible to find Hudsonian Godwit, Whimbrel, Sanderling, Ruddy Turnstone, and the endangered Red Knot. This is their southernmost stop during their annual migratory route. Enviroment visited: grasslands, salty lagoons, fresh water lagoons, Atlantic sea shore. Night Rio Grande

Day 8

Today we will leave the Patagonia and we will fly to Northwest Argentina to Salta. Tranfer to our Hotel Night in Salta

Day 9

Chaco Serrano in Palomitas, Salta

argentina-red-leggedEarly departure eastwards across the Sianca Valley in order to reach Palomitas dry Chaco forest where we spend a full morning birding the transitional habitat around Palomitas. Some species that are typical to this Monte and Chaco semidesert include the very likely Spot-backed Puffbird, Blue-tufted Starthroat, White-barred Piculet, Blue-crowned Parakeet, Variable Antshrike, Chaco Earthcreeper, Straneck´s Tyrannulet, Greater Wagtail-Tyrant, Vermilion Flycatcher, White-tipped Plantcutter plus two little beauties, Ringed Warbling-Finch and Many-colored Chaco-Finch. Perhaps the most difficult species to look for today will be the scarce Black-legged Seriema although we certainly know of a couple of good places to try for it. In the afternoon we will visit yet another patch of transitional habitat in search of those species we might be missing and later we drive back to our comfortable base in San Lorenzo.

Day 10

argentina-giant-antshrikeEarly morning departure northwards along the ancient road between Salta and Jujuy to reach the cloudforest again at the Santa Laura mountain pass. We will check several good spots where we hope to find a couple of Red-legged Seriema and the elusive Huayco Tinamou. Surrounded by idyllic countryside and deep-blue lakes we will spend the morning exploring the whole area by giving opportunistic stops and several short walks in search of a fine variety of birds characteristic of open wetlands and Yungas forest, including Golden-Olive and Golden-breasted Woodpeckers, Whistling Heron, Wattled Jacana, Southern Caracara, Roadside Hawk, Plush-crested Jay and Ringed Kingfisher. Other attractions for today may include the rare Black-and-Chestnut Eagle, Swallow-tailed Kite and a number of smaller citizens such as Guira Cuckoo, Sooty-fronted Spinetail, Black-capped Warbling-Finch, Band-tailed Seedeater, Giant Antshrike, Narrow-billed and Olivaceous Woodcreepers, Spot-breasted Thornbird, Dusky-capped Flycatcher, Purple-throated Euphonia and the rather secretive Stripe-headed Brush-Finch. Our drive today will take us over the mountains north into Jujuy province and the famous Yala Valley where we plan to check the cordilleran streams in search of the striking couple of Torrent Duck and the localized and scarce Rufous-throated Dipper. Later in the afternoon we drive back to San Lorenzo along the main road enjoying one of the regular spectacular sunsets at the foot of the Andes. Night at the Selva Montana. Night in salta

Day 11

argentina-SandyAnother early departure will take us southwards today along cultivated fields with small stands of Monte forest and several rivers transecting the region from west to east. Today there is a second chance for the shy Black-legged Seriema and many other attractions such as Black-crested Finch, Ultramarine Grosbeak, White-fronted (Cactus) Woodpecker, Black-backed Grosbeak and the scarce Darwin´s Nothura. We eventually get to the entrance of the Cafayate Canyon where Andean Condors might oblige flying slowly over the cliffs, but we keep on exploring the area for more specialties such as Chaco Chachalaca, Brushland Tinamou and Great Antshrike, amidst dramatic landscape of reddish mountains and green valleys. The area is a popular place for colonial Burrowing Parrot and the endemic Sandy Gallito, apart from the famous wineries producing top rated Torrontes and Malbec. We will be biridng aroung cabra corral and after picnic lunch we will drive to Cachi on the way to there we will look for Sandy gallito, Chestnut Canastero, R Black hooded,Mourning, Ash breasted SIERRA FINCH, Burrowing Parrot. Night in cachi.

Day 12

We will visit Los cardones national park in the morning, This is an espectacular habiatd tthe anes In Northwest Aregetina the birds tha we expect to see are Ornate Tinamou, Plumbeaous Sierrra Finch. Andean condor, White sided Hillstar, creamy bellied canastero, Green barred woodpecker, Patagonian Mockingbird and more.


We will enjoy our Picnic lunch with this super views of the Andes. In the afternoon we will retunr to our base in salta . Night in salta .

Day 13

We will Fly to Buenos Aires, in the afternoon Night Buenos Aires

Day 14

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