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Day 1

PBTEArrival in Lima, where you will be picked up at the airport and transfer to your hotel In Lima .

Night in Lima

Day 2

manycoloreflyThis day we will visit Pantanos de villas , look for Many colored Rush-Tyrant, Peruvian Thick-knee, Long tailed Mockingbird,Cinnamon Teal, Great Grebe, White cheeked Pintail, Puna Ibis, Yelow crowned Night-Heron , Peruvian Pelican, Harris Hawk, and many more , Then we wil drive to the Pucusana, Pucusana is a fishermen’s Town, where we will take a boat to see The Humboldt Penguin, Red legged, Guanay and Neoptropical Cormorants Surf Cinclodes, Blackish Ostercatcher, Inca Tern,, Band tailed Gull, We will drive to Lima in the afternoon

Night in Lima.

Day 3

foto-nortehr-peru-marononAfter our early flight to Chiclayo , we will drive for 50 minutes to Batan Grande, Bosque de Pomac. This reseve protect the Mesquite Forest . Our targets birds will be for Peruvian Plantcutter, and Rufous Flyctacher, Tumbes Swallow, Amazilia Hummingbird, Scarlet backed Woodpecker, Cinereous Finch and many more . We will enjpoy our lunch on the road to Chaparri lodge . On the way to Chaparri , w e will stop at the los Tinajones reservoir fro Comb Duck, Black faced Ibis, Sulphur throated Finch, Night at Chaparri lodge . Today we will look for the Peruvian Scheech-Owl.

Day 4

spatuletail_nov_day2After an early breakfast we will walk the trails to look for the endemic Tumbes Tyrant and White-winged Guan . This bird is flourishing here now thanks to a captive breeding and reintroduction program. And We will look for the Elegant Crescent-Chest, Pacific Parrolet, Peruvian Pygmy Owl., Oasis and Tumbes Hummingbird After a full morning of birding we will return to the lodge for lunch. We leave after lunch to Olmos .

Night in Olmos.

Day 5

We will have an early start , we will go to visit Abra porculla. It is a super place for the Tumbesian endemics like Henna-hooded Foliagle Gleaner, Piura Chat Tyrant endemic, Black cowled Saltator, Line cheeked Spinteail, Chapman’s Antshrike, White winged Brush Finch, gray chinned Hermit, Ecuadorian Piculet We will enjoy our picnic lunch there . then we will drive to Jaen, On the way we will stop to look for the Little Inca-Finch, Marañon çrecent-Chest, Night in Jaen .

Day 6

In the morning, we will travel to Seminario Road and look for Chinchipe Spinetail, Purple-throated Euphonia, Maranon Crescentchest, Tataupa Tinamou, Spot Throated Hummingbird , Maranon Thrush , Marañon Slaty-Antshirke, Drab seedeater, and more. Lunch at the hotel. We will leave jaen after Lunch to Abra patricia , Owlet Lodge . We will visit the Hummingbird center to see the Marvelous Spatuletail, Purple throated Sunangel, White bellied Hummingbird, Andean Emerald and more .

Night: Owlet Lodge

Day 7

LONg whislered owletThis morning we will spend concentrated time looking for antpittas the old-fashioned way . It may take time, but we hope to find Chestnut, Rusty-tinged, and Ochre-faced Antpittas to name a few. We’ll also search for the endemic Lulus Tody-flycatcher. In the afternoon we will concentrate our birding around the main road, looking for Royal Sunangel as well as other specialties. At night we will hope to see the Long whiskered Owlet, Cinammon and White throated Screech-Owl.

Night: Owlet Lodge

Day 8

spatuletail_nov_day6Today we’ll take an excursion down to Aguas Vedes, where we will look for Andean Cock of the Rock, Ash-breasted Antwren, Versicolored Barbaet and multiple species of tanagers if we can find a feeding flock or two!

Night: Owlet Lodge

Day 9

foto-norther-peru-rufous-ccrested-coquetteWe will try to get the species that we had miss before and then drive down to Moyobamaba. We have a good chance to see the Andean Cokc of the rock ( oranfe Form) The endemic Huallaga Tanager is farly Common there, we will reserch for a mix flogs with Ecuadorian Greytail, Yellow thoated and Ash throated Antwren, Ash browned Spinetail, Blackish Antbird, Marble-faced bristled Tyrant and more.

Night in Moyobamaba.

Day 10

Today , we will be birding around Wakanqui area , looking for Moyobamba Fiery throated Fruiteater, Rusty backed Antwren, Wedge tailed Grass-Finch, , Band bellied Owl. And if the afertoon we will enjoy the hummingbird federes with Rufous crested Coquette, Golden tailed Saphire, Black throated Hermit, Grey breasted Sabrewing plus many more .

Nigth in Moyobamba.

Day 11

Today , we will try to get the species that we had miss before and then we will drive to Tarapoto to take our fly back to Lima . On our way to Tarapoto we will stop to see the Oildbird

Night in Lima

Day 12

Transfer out.


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